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Hello, I'm Michael Rotherforth.

     This is my web site, which I'm continuously updating.  I can be contacted any time via Contact Me.  I enjoy doing what I do.  So explore this site to see what that is.

Thank you for your time.

My Chat

  This is my latest creation, a chat communication system which requires authentication.  Anyone can self-create an account or if desired, the system can be set so only specific accounts are authorized to access the chat system.  Multiple chats can be added as needed.  My Chat is currently set with a "General" chat.  Other chats can be added as needed.  This system can be added to any website with ease.  Take it for a test drive.  If you are interested in learning more or adding it to your website, please contact me.  

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Repair Article System

  This is on of my creations which I designed, developed, and tested.  Multiple technologies are used in this application such as user authentication and validation.  This app can be leveraged for use anywhere step by step documentation is required.  Take it for a test drive and let me know if you are interested in learning more.

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District II Funfly

  This sign up form was created using multiple technologies, Java Script, CSS, Parsley, and jQuery to assist with the logistics with a large scale community event.  On the back end information was written to a database and also e-mailed to relevant parties.

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Radio Control

RCCR - Fun Fly Sign Placement

Radio Control Planes (R/C) - ServoTorqueHelper

Radio Control Planes (R/C) - Stars & Bars Printer

Radio Control Planes (R/C) - RibPrinter_applet


Printable Graph Paper


Software Development

Smart Phone Swipt testing


Rec. Divers Rochester N.Y.
Radio Control Club of Rochester


Charles Men's Shop
Lewis General Tires Incorporated

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