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This site provides information regarding the servicing of the front brakes and Hub/Bearing Assembly on a Chevy Caviler. The information used hear can be applied to other vehicles

Automotive Terminology - Part names and identification

Brake Failure Mode

- Do you hear a squeaking noise when applying the brakes?

Brake Inspection

Three techniques to use to determine when brakes will be needed.

  1. Miles Traveled
    With a new car, Record the odometer reading when new brakes are installed. This will give you a general idea as to how many miles can be traveled until the next time brakes are needed. The same technique can be used with a used car, however an initial reading will be needed.
  2. Noise coming front the front wheels.
    See - Brake Failure Mode
  3. Brake Fluid Level
    See - Brake Inspection

Tools Needed

  1. Car Jack
  2. Lug Nut Socket
    ( 3/4 inch Socket needed for lug nuts)
  3. Hex Bit Socket Set
    ( 3/8 inch Hex Bit Socket needed for caliper removal)
  4. Star Bit Socket Set
    (T-55 needed for Hub removal)
  5. Axle Nut Socket
    (29 MM needed to remove the nut)

Brake and Hub Servicing

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