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E-flite UMX Waco Repair

After a rough landing, the gear was in need of repair

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The left landing gear fairing pulled away from the fuselage

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The right fairing is wrinkled.

Right Landing Gear Leg

The pant needed to be straightened. To keep the pant straight, I'll use a carbon fiber rod pushed into the pant.

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I started by using a T-pin to form a hole. After pushing the pin in about 3/8", I sighted down the pin while pushing it in to confirm it will not punch out the side. This needs to be concealed within the pant.

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Then I pushed a carbon fiber rod into the hole created by the T-pin.

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Just the tip of the carbon fiber rod is visible

Left Landing Gear Leg

I used Beacon Adhesive Foam-Tac Foam-Finish to glue the carbon fiber landing gear bar to the flaring and the flaring to the fuse.

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A toothpick was used to place glue behind the bar. Then I used clothespins with the arms reversed for clamping it together. Notice the square balsa used to hold the bar tightly to the flaring.

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