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K&B .40 Rebuild

     This K&B .40 cubic inch engine was removed from a Carl Goldberg Eagle 63 model airplane.  The engine was seized, it would not turn over.  The plan is to rebuild the engine, bench check and set the mixture controls for proper running and put it back in the Eagle.

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K&B .40

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Prior to any cleaning

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     This engine has the large K&B square carb with K/B engraved on the front. This style carb was used on the 40 R/C #4011 up to approximately 1988 according to the Model Engine Corporation of America, mecoa, web page at http://www.mecoa.com/kb/40/40-parts.htm

K/B Carb

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Used on the K&B .40 up to 1988


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The rebuilt engine ready to be bench checked and installed in the Eagle.

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