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Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Repair

I was flying off the lake having a good time flying a counter clockwise pattern. Nearing the end of the flight I performed two landing approaches in a counter clockwise pattern. While making the downwind leg, I decided it would be better to cross over so the base leg was a clockwise turn. Before I knew it, the trees block my view. For a few moments which seemed like an eternity, it was out of site. When it came back into view, it was heading straight down into the water. There was only minor damage. My repair techniques follow.

Image not available

You can see what blocked my view, the trees on the left.

Image not available

Minor, repairable damage

Float Strut repair

Float repair

Wing repair

Fuselage repair

All parts assembled.

Image not available

Almost ready for some more flight time.

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